Say it from the heart


In preparing for my African adventure I am grateful to have been immersed with the advice from so many people. Advice can be a good thing and it is everywhere. Sometimes we seek advice and sometimes it just comes so naturally. Giving advice is an art and it can be magic. The best advice comes from the heart.

This past weekend I was given the best advice so far ... and it comes from a very wise 10 year old boy who is truly an expert: “Hey, “Miss” Dixie. Watch out for snakes and if you get bit, don’t panic.  Try to stay calm.  Don’t run because the adrenalin will increase your heart rate and you will die faster…. And don’t swim with the hippos. They can bite you in half!”  

I will remember these words.

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I am a school-based Speech-Language Pathologist with 36 years of experience and I am about to embark on the experience of a lifetime!

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