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When I entered graduate school at OLE MISS I kept hearing stories about Dan and Beckie.  They were both finishing their degrees off campus as I had just begun.  I think we met once while in Oxford.  But we became friends when they began working at Harding University back in the late '70's. They have been gracious to me all these years and have included me in some of their ventures. I have truly enjoyed spending time with Beckie and Dan here in Africa.  We've been reminiscing about OLE MISS and sharing stories about our families, trips ee've taken over the years, and crazy experiences we have had.  We have laughed and truly enjoyed each other's company.  It's been good. I am grateful for all the time and efforts Beckie and Dan have given to this Zambian project. HIZ-path is a success. People are hearing about it all over the United States and some are already on the waiting list to come here next year! I am glad I had this opportunity. Beckie has done a fantastic job managing all of us, planning & arranging events, getting necessary documents, making sure she has "crisp bills", caring for various issues and sicknesses we've had,  making sure she has enough quacha, emphasizing the rules, etc.  She seemed to know what the group needed before the group knew. Her intuitions and planning are a result of years of experience and learning from all the right people. Today Dan was reading quotes from  Earnest Hemingway.  He particularly liked this one; "All I wanted to do now was to get back to Africa.  We had not left it yet but when I would wake up in the night I would lie listening homesick for it already."

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