I copied this from the movie script, "Morning Tears from a Place Called Heaven". Near the end of the story a friend is talking to Kathi Merritt and describing the impact she has made with her work with orphaned Zambian children: "At the dawn of each new day heaven cries for us.  The tears fall to the earth and rest on the blades of grass and the pedals of the flowers. Before anyone from the village has time to wake the dewbreaker will go forth and make a path for the people in the village so that they can stay dry from the tears. The dewbreaker takes the responsibility of brushing back the tears of heaven so that others may not be burdened and can walk peacefully through the path made. ... You are the dewbreaker.  You have soaked up heavens tears for the dying children of this land. You have gone before us and made clear a path for us to follow.  As like every morning there will be tears from heaven tomorrow.  But they will be tears of joy in the lives you have saved and no longer tears of sorrow.  God bless you child.  God bless the Dewbreaker." And God bless Kathi and the hundreds of children she has saved.

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