"Miss" Ellie

Miss Ellie's Zambia home is The Hamby House.  It is the hub of action. Things "just happen" when she is here in Namwianga, or anywhere for that matter. I've been hearing story after story about Miss Ellie so I was eager to meet this fascinating, spunky 74 year old woman. She has a sharp mind and quick wit and she is an astute business woman -- a move and shaker, a real matriarch. Miss Ellie  and her late husband, Kelly,  built their house in Namwianga and nurtured this village. (yes....Kelly & Ellie!)  They ministered to and are devoted to the people here.  Miss Ellie is a widow.  Her husband died about 6 years ago. They have two children who are now, of course, are grown. When Miss Ellie arrived here Thursday it was like a scene in the movies when the boss lady returns home after a long trip. Servants brought in boxes, suitcases, packages, groceries, etc. Dinner had been prepared and we were all anxiously awaiting her arrival. The villagers busied themselves preparing for Miss Ellie's stay.  Fences were painted, trees trimmed, trash burned, lawns manicured, etc. The medical mission is about to start and there will be about a hundred  people here so things are really different around here.  Miss Ellie is a professional photographer.  I googled her: "Eleanor (Ellie) Hamby has been photographing people and wildlife all over the world for many years. Her specialty is capturing the faces of people and particularly the Tonga's of Southern Zambia. She has had solo exhibitions of her photography in the United States and Africa and does numerous speaking engagements concerning her photography. Her photos have been on the cover of magazines and she has had extensive newspaper coverage in Zambia and the USA of her photography. Ellie's love affair with the faces of people began many years ago. Her late husband, Kelly, and she traveled to over 80 countries and lived in Zambia, Africa for six years. She always travels with her camera at her side, relying on her camera and her sense of capturing, through the lens, a person's emotions. Ellie feels a face expresses the hardship or hope in a person. She sees in each expression a whole spectrum of emotions: happiness, joy, toil, sadness, hopelessness, and contentment. Sometimes an entire life story can be glimpsed by the expression in a face." She is a legend.  Her photos are sold in numerous places throughout Zambia.  I purchased numerous items featuring her photos -- postcards, note cards, and various sized photographs.  I am excited to be with Miss Ellie, the only true adventurer I know. 

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