I have refrained from writing about how much I miss Coy because it would make missing him worse. We are approaching our 38th wedding anniversary. But we've  been together since 10th grade, so I guess you could say we've been together 44 years! The point is we have not been apart in all these years except when I have been away on business or with family or when Coy has elk hunting, which is about ten to twelve days -- the longest time we've ever been apart. So, this trip to Namwianga has presented the biggest challenge ever: being way from Coy for 5 weeks AND having limited access to Internet & phone services.  I have tried my best to focus on therapy and enjoy the experience, but my heart is with Coy. I do look forward to "Phase II" of my African experience: the safari! I look forward to seeing Coy in J'burg soon!

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