Today started out as a typical Sunday morning in Namwianga.  Following church and lunch  everyone was on their own until the 5:00 dinner time.  Some slept, some read, some worked, some played,  and some got lucky enough to access the internet.  I was strolling around the yard searching for pictures to capture with my camera when I noticed the excitement in front of the main house -- "The Hamby House" - the house with the verandah on which we eat each meal.  The headquarters.  A shipment from the states arrived with much needed supplies for the clinic and the Havens. It was a big deal and it took almost all afternoon. About twenty-five men came to help unload and deliver the goods. And a policeman showed up to supervise. He rode his bicycle from Choma.  No gun.  There was the usual bit of confusion and organized chaos, but all went well.  It was a good day! 

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