The electricity goes off each Tuesday evening for about 3 hours. But sometimes it goes of on Thursday or Sunday. I try to keep my I-pad charged and my flashlight handy at all times. They are just as important as my passport and yellow fever card.  For the people who live here, it's a way of life. I somewhat enjoy hearing the kids scream when the lights go out. They settle down quickly and busy themselves with games and singing. The first time I experienced the power outage was our first night here at the mission.  I unpacked using my headlight and began feeling an overwhelming feeling of homesick. So I called Coy to let him know we had arrived safely.  Big mistake. I cried when I heard his voice and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't keep my voice strong.  Last Sunday just as we approached the church the power went out so we stood in the light of the full moon.  Shortly everyone entered a dark building and filled it once again to capacity.  The white people had flashlights. Business as usual. I am used to the power outages now. I am prepared. 

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