Zambian Names

One of the things I did today -- the last full day at The Mission -- was to help Beckie and Dan enter names into the comouter and grade tests for 107 students. They taught an introductory speech, language & hearing class at the Namwianga College for two weeks. The names of the students were fascinating.  There's the regular, Perry, Fred, Kenny, Owen, Olivia, & Ruth. And then, there's Given, Tryness, Carnegie, Doka Doka, Origin, Biswell, Cryda, Kindred, Busiku, Rayton, Chondonda, Webbester, Chipango, Decent, Friday, Lucky, Solami, Epherson, Mercy, Keeby, Patience, Tedious, Chaba Chewe, Otan, Modester, Dorcas, Precious, & Pilot to name a few. The last names were difficult--  Mayoba, Kalalambili, Chikange, Ghibondo, Mang'wato, Mudenda, Nyengela, Siamwaampe, Sichoombe, Simuzingili, Sishwashwa, etc I'm glad I don't have to call the roll.

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