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Rod and Sue Caulder are missionaries originally from South Africa. They have three children, two boys and a girl. Emily is sixteen years old and has been attending Harding Academy but she's at Namwianga now. Her older brothers are enrolled in college in the states. Rod attended Abilene Christian University where he received a graduate degree in bible (and he is reportedly a very good Bible teacher).  He and Sue went to Namwianga where they served as house parents at Haven 1 for a few years. Rod also taught at the school. He is also a handyman and seems to be able to fix about anything.  He can build fires, transport people, and answer about any question you may have.  A group of people from Canada convinced Rod and Sue to leave the Havens and start a small orphanage and farm in Seven Fountains, which is a village a few kilometers from Namwianga. The orphanage worked well for about 6 years. The Caulders decided to come to Harding University as Missionaries in Residence where Rod taught Bible. This job only lasted nine months because their visa was denied on a technicality. And in March 2012 they were given one week to leave the states. The Caulders returned to Namwianga. Rod teaches Bible and agricultural at the college. They are currently applying for visa approval to return to the states and teach at Harding University. Rod and Sue are very knowledgable about customs in various countries. Sue is a "take charge" person.  She has knack for managing large groups, including cooking, buying supplies, planning transportation, managing the housing at the mission, and whatever is needed. Her organizational skills and thoughtfulness of group management seems to be her forte.  The Caulders certainly enhanced our trip!

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