A Movie Script ( for real)

"Morning Tears From a Place Called Heaven" is a movie script written by Jase Kumalo in 2004. It is based on the life of his mother, Kathi Merritt who is originally from Nebraska but has made her home in Namwinanga Zambia for the past 30-plus years.   Jase, also known as "Jason", is in film production in Los Angeles, California.  I Googled  him and discovered that some of his jobs have included key production assistant, production assistant, set production assistant, camera and electrical department, etc. for the following movies:   Funny People  The 40 Year Old Virgin Step Brothers   Charlie Wilson's War Hangover II Bad Teacher Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides Due Date Valentines Day Kathi and I have visited numeorus times throughout my stay here at The Mission.  Today she stopped in at Haven 2 and we engaged in another conversation about her life.  I am fascinated with her remarkable story and told her once again that a movie should be made about her life.  She told me that her son wrote a script some time ago but didn't do anything with it.  Of course, I got excited about it and asked a few more questions.  Kathi offered an opportunity for me to read it.  So she went home and quickly returned with the original script.  I  read all 143 pages within two hours, including the few interruptions.  "Morning Tears From a Place Called Heaven" definately  has potential! It is a story "inspired by" his mother's life, but it is not exactly as things happened, but  its pretty darn close! Jason told his mother that he wanted Helen Hunt to portray her but that was some time ago.  He may have changed his mind by now.  I'm curious so I e-mailed him.  I wonder if he will respond!

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